Competencies in the psychosocial area are expected in all professions today. Invest in your future. Further qualify yourself! Psychosocial core competencies are the basis for business and personal success. Nevertheless, they are rarely taught in schools, universities or companies. This has diverse and serious consequences for society, in which there is a great need for people with these core competencies. The International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP) has developed further training to become a consultant and life coach for these areas. Experienced trainers (doctors, qualified psychologists and psychotherapists) teach you a model of self-help for your professional and private everyday life.

The further training as a consultant and life coach is aimed at specialists in the psychosocial and medical field, educators, pedagogues, employees of children, family and senior centers as well as anyone interested in other professional groups. This course is also particularly suitable for executives who are faced with the challenge of leading teams and working integrative and for everyone who has responsibility for employees. Even if you are currently taking a break from work, participation could potentially open up new horizons.