Dr. phil. Katharina Schlicht

Studied German, English and Pedagogy in Marburg a.d.L. and London
1st and 2nd state exams for teaching at grammar schools
Research assistant at the Faculty of Linguistics at Philipps University, Marburg
Doctorate in Dr. phil. in the field of narratives
Lecturer at the “international vacation courses” at the Philipps University in Marburg
About the DAAD lecturer at the Germanic Faculty of Nanjing University, PR China
(Advice to master’s and doctoral students, courses on general linguistics, support for research projects)
Student counselor for German and English
Director of studies in Oberursel and Wiesbaden
Graduate in further training as a consultant and life coach at the Prof. Peseschkian Foundation
School career advice in practice Dr. Nawid Peseschkian
Co-conception and supervision of teacher training in positive and transcultural pedagogy of the Prof. Peseschkian Foundation